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Strike News - Day 5

310 days without a contract!

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Union members slam pay hikes given to university administrators

Lana Haight
Saskatchewan News Network; CanWest News Service

Monday, November 05, 2007

SASKATOON -- Striking support workers at the University of Saskatchewan blame top administrators for taking too much of the salary pie, leaving too little for them.

"We're not asking for much. We're asking to be treated fairly," said Rob Hoffos, a steam fitter supervisor at the U of- and a member of CUPE 1975.

Having worked for the university for 30 years, Hoffos says frustration is building among union members after recent contract settlements.

"It seems we're always struggling. They don't understand how important we are to the university."

The union is circulating a pamphlet listing the 2000 and 2006 salaries of senior administrators and deans of the university's colleges. The chart also calculates the annual percentage increases. According to the flyer, which identifies the university as the source, president Peter MacKinnon earned $320,000 in 2006, a 10-per-cent a year increase over his salary in 2000. The salary of associate vice-president of human resources, Barb Daigle, who is overseeing the contract dispute, went from $122,107 in 2000 to $169,600 -- an annual increase of 6.48 per cent.

The salaries for the top 13 administrators, not including the president, ranged in 2006 from $122,437 for one of the academic associate vice-presidents to $242,348 for the academic vice-president.

The university confirmed the salaries are correct to the StarPhoenix.

The union's walkout Friday took a break over the weekend and will continue with picket lines beginning at 7 a.m. today.

Both sides will meet today to discuss which essential workers will return to their jobs. Brad McKaig, chairman of the CUPE 1975 bargaining unit, said those workers will "perform critical aspects of their jobs, but not their whole jobs."

They will be back at work for limited hours each day, in lieu of picket duty, receiving strike pay instead of their salaries, he said.

Talk on the picket line Friday focused on Daigle's salary. McKaig said Daigle's pay increase over the six years totals more than what the lowest paid CUPE member makes in a year.

"Let's start looking at the management salaries," he said.

The administrators' annual percentage increases are higher than what the university is offering its CUPE 1975 employees, says the union, citing offered increases of 2.5 per cent in 2007, 2.75 per cent in 2008 and three per cent in 2009. The union is not including two- per-cent increments each year it says are currently tied to years of service. The university disputes that, saying the two-per-cent annual increases are performance increments paid to employees unless there are "significant problems" with "unsatisfactory performance."

This issue is at the heart of the dispute that resulted in 1,800 CUPE 1975 members at the U of- and another 600 members at the University of Regina walking off the job in a full-scale strike as of Nov. 2. The universities bargain jointly with CUPE 1975. The employees have been working without a new contract since Dec. 31, 2006.

In an interview, Daigle defended the universities' wage offer as fair and competitive.

"For CUPE, we have to be competitive in the local market," said Daigle.

"For our CUPE folks, we look at the city, we look at the province, and -- to some extent -- for our more difficult-to-recruit jobs we'll look in Western Canada as well."

The senior administrative staff members, however, are pegged to be competitive at the national level. Their salaries are in the 75th percentile for similar jobs elsewhere in the country, she says.

Senior administrators do not receive pay increases unless they are performers, she says.

As for the salary pie being gobbled up by senior administration, Daigle says money is set aside for each of the employee groups on campus.

"The money that's on the table right now for CUPE exceeds the amount of money that was spent over a three-year period for this group," said Daigle.

The Leader-Post (Regina) 2007

Link to Leader Post


Highly Recommended Reading!

If you want to find out what the Public, students and CUPE members are saying about the strike check out the Global Media/Star Pheonix Sound Off website. It is an eye opener to read opinions and debate that are unfiltered by either the university administration or the union. Anyone sending content to this site should note however that the Star Pheonix staff do hold the files and approve them before posting to their web site.

For a student perspective connect to Facebook and Search for CUPE 1975 or University of Saskatchewan. New dialogues opened up this weekend.


Essential Services Discussion Proposed for Monday

Your CUPE 1975/1975-01 bargaining committee, in keeping with the commitments we made at the bargaining table, today proposed meeting with the Universities on Monday to discuss essential services.

While we haven’t received confirmation from the employer that they will attend, given the amount of media they’ve devoted to essential services, we are inclined to believe they will in fact meet with us to negotiate this critical issue.
Posted By Brad McKaig to CUPE 1975 News at 11/02/2007 03:03:00 PM


Picket Line Day 1

Photo University Faculty Executive Join the picket line

University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association Executive Join CUPE Picket Line Friday afternoon

At the midway point of the first day on the picket lines things are looking good... or at least as good as could be hoped for, considering the circumstances that brought us here.

Despite a few logistical hiccups, the first shifts have run very smoothly for the most part. Your bargaining committee members were out walking the line at each of the picket stations today... each station, each shift... and we’re impressed! Member morale is very high despite the cool temperatures. Walking the picket line together has brought the membership together in the face of “a common enemy.”

We must remind our members on the picket lines to be careful. Some motorists entering campus have been extremely aggressive toward some of our members (currently being investigated). Please pay particular attention when crossing roadways. Even if you are crossing with the walk light in your favour, it doesn’t guarantee that every driver will acknowledge your right to be there. If you have trouble with vehicle operators, please jot down the licence number, the time, names of a few witnesses, and report the incident to your picket captains.

We wish to thank all who are participating and supporting us in this struggle, especially Faculty & Sessional Lecturers, as well as ASPA members that were out walking with us today. The members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (city bus drivers) have been great... The buses are not entering campus, but instead loading and unloading on College Drive and Preston Avenue, and this is definitely noticed by all, including the public.

Sask Tel has been great too... In addition to the great work at strike headquarters, they’ve assured us that while they will service student phones in residence, they will NOT work on the University system while we are on strike.

Keep up the great work members!

Posted By Brad McKaig to CUPE 1975 News at 11/02/2007 02:19:00 PM


Strike information:

Child Care

CUPE 1975 is providing child care services for members during the strike. If you require child care while you are on strike, please register your children by phoning Don Hanke at 280-7529.
Transportation to the picket line:

Members are encouraged to take public transportation to the picket line. For those that must drive, parking is available in the field (overflow area) to the east of the Fieldhouse.

Picket duty: Members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs to the picket line.

Election Day Volunteers

Any CUPE member who is working on Saskatchewan Election day for any
provincial candidate committee (any party) or polling location should bring a
document proving your participation in E-Day to CUPE Strike
Headquarters. Your Election Day volunteer time will be credited as
picket line duty for that day.


Remembrance Day

There will be no picket lines on Remembrance Day. CUPE wishes to acknowledge the sacrifices of our Veterans who fought so hard in several wars to ensure that we had the freedoms and rights that we routinely exercise during collective bargaining.

This is their day not ours. CUPE members are encouraged to attend Remembrance day services where CUPE will be laying wreaths. We ask that CUPE Members do not wear strike related pins or banners. Only a single smallest sized CUPE lapel pin should be worn to show our support for the Vets.

Brad McKaig


Watch this space for a new CUPE 1975 website.

This web page was thrown together very quickly on Thursday night when we received first notification of a full scale strike action.

It has become clear that we will need a better organized and more permanent Striking News web site.

The template has been designed and we are loading content Tuesday. Watch for the new site by Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank you for your patience.

CUPE web site team